Thursday, May 20, 2010

Worst Blogger award goes to....ME

Oh yes I am the WORST BLOGGER in the world as of late. I have not posted since April 23rd....has it really been that long?

Well I do have good reason you see my husband lost his job giving him free time to spend with me! So I have been hanging out with him, doing yard work, planning our veggie garden, going to Costco, out to lunch and just enjoying the time alone during the day while the kids at at school. Is this a good excuse, no it isn't as I have had time to blog but for some reason I am not into it anymore! Once again I have lost my! Have you seen it??!!!

I do have a few giveaways and reviews to post and I plan on getting them done tomorrow and this weekend. I will be back as I have inked blogging time into my busy schedule. I am still working but have been a slacker in that area as well, actually I take that back I have been quite busy with buyers and sellers but ZERO prospecting the past month, not good!

I have been down this road before. lack of excitement for blogging. I know what it is...I feel so little and insignificant in the world of blogging, I feel like my voice is not heard, does anyone read my blog?? I often wonder if I stopped the reviews and giveaways would I have a following at all? I use to post about my life and my crazy boys but somewhere I got all swept up in review blogging. I have pledged in the past to do more "personal posts" but I didn't.

So once again I pledge to be a better blogger and to try to post at least 5 times a week, and to my very little following if you even exist I am sorry I have let you down, forgive me please!


Blarney said...

Oh girl I'm there with you. I think I've got like a whole 4 readers on a good day. No matter what I'm your atheletic supporter if your my athletic supporter (just had to use that analogy for fun). Hugs & Kisses!

Susan said...

Just stopping by, I have been facinated by all the talent on so many of these blogs. I hope you go back to blogging, your blog is really interesting.
Thanks for letting me visit.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Oh I do know how you feel. I think we all get in those "funks". Step away for a bit, then come back with gusto : ) That seems to work for me.

I want to do more personal posts too - I try to keep an even balance, but sometimes it is hard. I don't want to be only reviews and giveaways.

I for one, would miss you. You can't go far, okay?

Anonymous said...

Hang in there - You will get your groove back so to speak. We sometimes all need a break to rejuvenate and get the passion back.
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