Monday, April 19, 2010

I crashed and failed!

UGH! That is all I can say! It has been a super busy 2 weeks and you may have noticed that I have not been paying any attention to my blog At ALL! My poor blog, it has been very lonely! I have been burning the candles at both ends and it is catching up with me! I felt like I ran into a brick wall last week...I crashed and failed at all my tasks for last week, including all the awesomeness I have going on on my blog!
Here is what has been going has gotten OUT OF CONTROL busy and to be honest with you I HATE IT!   I am thinking of changing jobs, careers in fact.  But that is a whole different blog post that I will save for when I actually make up my mind!
My 12 year old had his tonsils and adenoids removed last week and he is in so much pain, my poor baby.  I feel like the worst parent in the world for "doing" this to him but it had to be done, strep throat 5 times in 1 year is a bit much.  His recovery has been slow going and now he has the dreaded bad breath that everyone told me about.  He get with in 1 foot of me I have to step back. He won't take his Vicodin that was prescribed for him, he said it made him feel funny.  Is that a good sign that he will not be into trying drugs in high school? I sure hope so!
Now for super duper exciting news!!!  It is my Green Week! I have some great green product reviews and giveaways starting later today! I am very excited about this!
So there you are in a nutshell as to ahy I have been absent

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