Monday, June 8, 2009

Gone too soon

I don't even know what to think or how I am feeling.....I suffered such a profound loss today that I can not even process it. I am truly heart broken and have been sick to my stomach all day. I keep thinking how? why? and is this really happening right now? My day has been a blurr filled with laughter and lots of tears and times of pure denial and physical sickness.

I lost a friend today...a good man, a man of faith probably the nicest most genuine person I have ever met and I am honored to have known him. A man who walked into a room and it got a little brighter. A man who was also a husband and a father. A man who gave back to the community all he was able to. A man who forever changed my life and that of my family. A man who will be missed, truly missed.

It is not only heart breaking that his life was cut too short but his 16 year old son died along with him, this is just way too much for me. They were in their private plane, headed back from a paint ball convention, they we celebrating Max's 16th birthday.

Dr. Dave was a TRUE man of God, a man who lived his life to help others. I met Dr. Dave Holtrop 15 years ago. I was in a car accident and had whiplash, my best friend suggest I go to her Chiropractor and I did. When I met him I knew he was a man doing what God put him on earth to do. I was in such pain and he was so caring and gentle and help me more then I think he ever knew.

I continued to see him a regular basis and we formed a friendship. When I be came pregnant he was thrilled for my husband and myself. I had left his office and no more then 10 minutes later my water broke..who did I call first? Not my husband, not my OBGYN but Dr. Dave. When my first born had an infected ingrown toe nail and his pediatrician prescribed an antibiotic who did I call? Yes Dr. Dave. His first ear infection? Dr.Dave When he was diagnosed with Asthma I went to him...and within weeks my son no longer needed his inhaler, it has been 8 years with out him using it. When I became pregnant with my second child again I saw him I continued to see him on a regular basis. When both of my children were born I brought them to him with in the first two weeks and they also saw him regularly. I killed me a little bit to have to tell my oldest what happened...he is so sensitive and that I know this will effect him for a while.

Life is short and precious I understand that. Why did it have to be Dave and Max, his son was only 16, so young, so innocent, so full of promise and Dave a GREAT man and man true to his faith. I seriously do not want to hear one more person saying it was his time, God needed him more then we did. I disagree with that, his wife needs him, his 3 reaming children need him, his family needs him, this community needs him, God did not need him, not yet I can not believe that and no one can convince me of that, EVER.

He was so devoted to his work, he went on several medical missions to South America and on one of those trips they decided to adopt a child, a little girl. It took a while and I remember him complaining how long and tedious the process was, I do believe that was the only time I ever herd him complain and yet he was just anxious to bring her into their loving home and make her part of their family.

I do take peace in knowing he had a solid relationship with God and one who is that devout does not fear death. I can not help to think what was going through his mind as the plane went down knowing his son was with him. I have to stop my self from going there.

So Dr. Dave I will miss you with all of my heart, you have made such a great impact in my life and others lives as well. It was truly an honor to have know you. Your generosity and kindness will carry on in your children and their children. I pray that God protects Michelle and gives her the strength she is going to need to carry on. God bless and RIP.


Seeryus Mama said...

Oh heart is breaking for you! You are in my thoughts!

Sara Bonds said...

I am sorry for your loss. I will be thinking of everyone who is suffering from his loss right now.

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